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Has to be the best thing I've seen this week.

Has to be the best thing I've seen this week. A: It's cheered me up during a cold and B: I do love a good laugh at people who are essentially absurd and yet take themselves so seriously.

What is more fun by far than the flash itself are the reviews full of righteous indignation and foamy mouthed (rabies?) furries whining about hate, racism, blah, blah, so on, so forth.

What the hell, it makes me laugh. I also don't mind the squiggly lines. As an artistic choice, it works.

It's true!

It's true! I was falling around laughing when Chucks true face was first revealed. Childish, simple, but absolutely hilarious.

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Absolutely in love with your quieter music, it's wonderfully moving.

Naturally, I've been cramming your tracks into my Morrowind music folder like crazy.

Bosa responds:

Thank you, sir. My music does fit well with the Elder Scrolls, I suppose.

Absolutely gorgeous. Bloody stunning all around, especially the woodwind. In places, it reminds me less of Howard Shore, more of some of Ennio Morricone's quieter western themes.

I can't really think of any higher praise than a Morricone comparison.

Bosa responds:

Truly inspiring. I suppose the difference in style between me and Howard Shore leads me into a totally different direction as you suggested. Thank you for the review.

Reminds me of Max Payne.

Has a fantastic, film noir quality to it, (Hence DARK I suppose) the sense of atmosphere it creates is fantastic. I can just imagine darkened ghetto alleyways populated with gritty, chainsmoking hardasses and sinister giggling types.

Have a looksie and feel free to use my music. I'd like to know if you do, but if you send me a request message, don't be surprised if I don't answer. Just assume I said yes. Don't check my messages much these days. ;)

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